Dimensioning of wooden structures

We calculate and check structures/wooden framework based on the European standards to make them resistant against charges and climate.

Computer-aided Design (CAD)

Every student of the association has been trained on the software Cadwork with professional trainers.

Thus, we virtually design and test your project before creating their construction plans.


Creation of 3D pictures

If your enterprise doesn’t have the skills or the softwares needed to create 3D picture for your client, we can do it for you.

Thus, you’ll have at your disposal concrete and visuals elements to show to your client.


Realization of little structures, furnitures or various products

Having multiple machine tools at our disposal and being in relation with  specialized suppliers, we are able to meet your expectations in the best delay and at the best price.


Development of Prototypes

Do you have an idea? A project?

Avenir Bois accompanies you along your  reflexion to make your project concrete and it can help you to design it tha,ks to the realization of prototypes.

Tests and chemical or biological analysises of wood or wood material.

For the individuals: the general knowledge enables our members to judge the gravity of the attack of mold/rot or insects on structure/wood framework and to think about the ideal solution together.


 For the professionals: we have at our disposal the material and the knowledges to test any characteristics mechanical, physical or chemical on any wood system (structure, panels, insulation...)